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Category: Personal Growth

Lauren Daigle and the Lost Art of Discernment

Those outside of the conservative-Christian world might be tempted to dismiss all this as the desperate gasps of a shrinking group of fundamentalists. But there is a larger lesson at the center of this fiasco that deserves our collective attention because this sort of reflexive condemnation isn’t restricted to Christian communities.

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You’re Hardwired to Love Social Media

It should be impossible to feel ambivalent about social media anymore. The horse is dead and beaten, its bones picked over: We know services like Facebook harvest our data, spur violence, and elect madmen. Using products like the social network implicates us in a system that has, on occasion, made the world worse in very vivid ways: Rodrigo Duterte, the authoritarian president of the Philippines, has “turned Facebook into a weapon,” and you can see the end result in the…

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