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Category: Books

The Secret Tools Magicians Use to Fool You

You’ve probably seen magicians pull playing cards from thin air, make silk handkerchiefs change colors, or cause cigarettes to vanish. What you likely didn’t notice-assuming the trick was successful-were the secret gadgets and modified props, called “gimmicks,” used to fool your eyes. From fake thumbs to silicone eggs, they only work by evading detection.

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The Great And the Good

In Somerset Maugham’s novel “The Moon and Sixpence,” there is a scene in which Dirk Stroeve, a painter, visits an art dealer to inquire after the work of another artist, Charles Strickland, whose paintings he has persuaded the dealer to take on.

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20 management books that we love

A really good management book can change your life. Not only should it inspire you to greatness; the best management books also provide actionable tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals, collaborate better with other people, and be a stronger leader.

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